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Alternate Audio website (October 8, 2006): About the Company

Alternate Audio was originally founded in 1987 - as a retail audio store. Our emphasis was to provide high quality audio equipment at reasonable prices.

Over the years, Alternate Audio's retail establishment started to provide more and more custom solutions for its customers such as speakers, electronic crossovers, and amplifiers. It was during our retail store days that we originally coined our motto: "Affordable Components For The Hi-Fi Enthusiast".

Eventually, Alternate Audio found that its real interest was in designing and manufacturing quality audio equipment - a realization which led to the closure of the retail store, followed by a concentration on the design and manufacturing of innovative products. We feel that our experience in the retail industry provides us with unique abilities, such as the capability to design, manufacture, and sell with the audiophile customer in mind.

Alternate Audio made its official equipment debut with international exposure at the 1997 Winter CES, in Las Vegas, Nevada. We exhibited in 1998 also, and have recently returned from our exhibition at the 1999 Winter CES. We are pleased to say that Alternate Audio is beginning to be recognized in some of the major trade magazines with press releases and advertisements, as well as with favorable reviews.

Long-time Alternate Audio products include the PS40 push/pull planar speaker and EC6 electronic crossover, both of which have been sold for several years. In 1996, the PS40 push/pull planar speaker was featured as the cover article of a nationally circulated audio magazine.

Other members of the Alternate Audio product line include the CA35 - a 25 Watt, single-ended class "A" power amplifier, and the BCAP - a class "A", 4-input preamplifier.

Soon to be released are the CA100 - a 100 Watt, single-ended class "A" power amplifier, and the RCAP - an IR remote controlled class "A" preamplifier. The RCAP's remote control features are designed around the patent pending Universal IR Remote Control Receiver (URCR). The URCR is a programmable IR receiver that works with most universal IR remote controllers.

Alternate Audio invites you to listen to its performance-accurate electronics and loudspeakers. Our motto remains unchanged from our earliest days to now: "Affordable Components For The Hi-Fi Enthusiast".

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