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Alpha-Audio Labs web site (July 6, 2009): Alpha-Audio Labs loudspeakers are designed to reproduce sound in a truly natural and uncolored way. Offering an impressive sound-stage, and bass clarity unrivaled in the Audio world.

The way in which our loudspeakers are built is second to none. We use only the finest quality specialty woods, and each one is constructed to the wood type, and color stain of the individual customer. Our loudspeakers are not pre-built, and then shipped to the customer. We build them after the customer places the order, so every detail of the building process is to the customers exact specifications.

The Alpha-Audio Labs Alpha1 and Omega1 loudspeakers are the design and build of long time Audio and Video enthusiast Erich Meyer, who spent 6 years in the development of these two extraordinary loudspeakers. Please give us a call, and set up and appointment to hear these revolutionary loudspeakers, so we can start building a pair for you. Please visit our Upcoming Products page. We have three new products that we will be releasing in the coming months. A Multi Channel Preamp Processor, a Blu-Ray SACD/DVD-Audio, CD transport and DAC, as well as a 500 Watt Mono-Block Amplifier.

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