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TAC (December 9, 2009): The Alon website is currently offline.

Acarian web site (December 2003): Carl J. Marchisotto, Acarian's president and chief engineer, has been designing audio gear since 1973. Before founding Acarian Systems, he spent 15 years at Dahlquist as the chief designer and vice president of engineering, where he developed the DQ-8, DQ-12 and the flagship DQ-20 loudspeakers, as well as the Dahlquist LP-1 crossover and the CM-1 preamplifier. The sale of Dahlquist to a string of mass-market companies led to his departure and the formation of Acarian Systems in 1991 with his wife Marilyn.

ace73pq (January 9, 2012): The Alón loudspeakers are now called Nola...

"For business reasons, the speaker brandname has changed (Nola is Alón spelled backwards), and the company is now called Accent Speaker Technology, but the speakers are still designed by Carl, and his wife, Marilyn."

Accent Speaker Technology, Ltd.
1511 Lincoln Avenue
Holbrook, NY 11741
Phone: 631-738-2540
Fax: 631-738-2542

The new website is :


Acarian web site (December 2003): Acarian Systems debuted at the January 1992 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the widely acclaimed Alón IV had its first showing. Today, the company manufactures a complete line of loudspeakers - ranging from a $600 pair of mini-monitors to the $120,000 Grand Reference System, along with custom cabling designed to enhance the performance of any loudspeaker.

Acarian Systems was founded with the belief that it could bring the live musical experience to a broader number of people than had been previously reached. Since the unveiling of the Alón IV, Acarian's products have not only met this goal, but have been held in the highest regard by music lovers and reviewers alike. Acarian has collected innumerable awards and won the praise of critics all over the world.

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