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  • G.T. Trading S.r.l.
  • Loc. Ghilardino, Zona Artigianale, 61034 Fossombrone (PU) Italy
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  • +39 0721 728727
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Solid State Amplifiers

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Dries Merabti(July 5, 2003): Among Italian manufacturers, Bartolomeo Aloia the founder of Aloia. He is a legendary, all-but-revered, figure -- a man many consider the patriarch of Italian high-end audio.

He is well known among the DIY crowd in Italy as the designer of many tube projects, several of which have schematics available on the Internet (and available in kit form in Italy). Most recently, he has been building extremely luxe components featuring stato-solido technology -- and not just solid-state, but featuring bipolar transistors. The line includes several preamplifiers and three power amplifiers: the 60Wpc dual-mono ST 14.01, the 30Wpc ST 13.01, and the 60Wpc ST 15.01. The latter two utilize outboard power supplies -- available in both inductive and capacitive models.

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