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Alisca Orange web site (December 2003): Our company, Alisca Orange Audio Development LLC was established in 1992 while actual research activity had been started more than two decades ago. The meaning of the esoteric symbol in the company logo is "the quintessence" which refers to our aim to discover the basic essentials of phenomena which determine sound quality. Long years of basic research led to the recognition that in addition to the known technical parameters there are certain inherent relations in the microstructure of materials that have a decisive impact on sound quality.

Experience has shown that sound quality produced by the vast majority of audio equipment do not reflect the level of today's electronics. The main reason why development has come to a standstill can be the fact that research carried out by big companies throughout the world, apart from a few small specialised companies, is not based on an overall, integrated system approach, and isolated research of individual units can yield only partial success. This statement is supported by the fact that usually different types of devices have to be tested and selected to get acceptable sound quality. In practice, scientific basic research is normally not applied directly to the design of electronic devices as it does not seem to be necessary. Development engineers usually meet research achievements in the form of components (IC's, discreet semiconductors, engineering plastics, etc.) produced with new technologies. This creates high risk for developers because it conceals a number of crucial research aspects...

In general, designers take one of the following two approaches when developing a new unit:

  1. A purely theoretical approach which applies mathematical models and most advanced engineering disciplines. This method offers the least chance to provide a sound quality which correlates with the macrophysical parameters.
  2. Theoretical knowledge is combined with observations from practical hearing tests where the various alternatives are combined. This approach may bring an acceptable result.

If the above two approaches are added by further examinations where the sound quality, and the correlation of elements determining sound quality, are investigated on the basis of not solely the macro- but also the microstructure, the result is a third alternative approach. At Alisca Orange we have developed this method.

Our research achievements offer application opportunities reaching far beyond electroacoustics, ranging from therapeutics to energy industry .

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