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Alaskan Audio Arts website (January 2002): Alaskan Audio Arts provides high-quality audio products

DIY Projects, Parts and Special Services.

Items and services available for Alaskan Audio Arts include:

Repair and alignment services to audiophiles, recording studios and other users of professional audio equipment.

DIY audio parts, resistors, capacitors, power transformers, custom printed circuit boards and parts matching. We can supply complete circuit diagrams and parts lists for the projects we have available. For those who like our projects but do not have test equipment or the time to build them we offer completely assembled and tested units of any project. Price will increase substantially and large lead time should be expected.

Version 3 a all descete version of our DENALI power amplifier will be available soon from us as both a DIY audio project and as usual, as completely assembled units (limited bases). Version 3 are true Mono-Blocks, each amplifier is in its own enclosure due the the physical size of the recommended heat sinks. As a DIY project you can of course design a enclosure that is most suitable for your needs. This amplifier can be scaled down to lower power levels with little difficulty if desired and still maintain is overall very high performance levels.

Alaskan Audio Arts has a complete laboratory with all test equipment required for designing and servicing high end audio equipment. This includes printed circuit layout work, computer simulations, performance verification and loudspeaker testing. Alaskan Audio Arts also offers (on a limited bases) repair services for most high quality audio equipment that is aimed strictly for use by audiophiles.

Our DIY "Alaskan Audio" (TM) construction projects:

Power amplifiers, MM and MC phono pre-amps, Mic pre-amps and reproduce amplifiers. More are on the drawing board and will thus be available in the future. The builder of any of our products should be aware that performance can vary greatly depending on the construction practices used. The builder also assumes full responsibility for any damage to self or equipment. This includes part failures. Before our circuits are placed on this web site they are fully tested and can provided outstanding performance when properly built. If you build a complete Alaskan Audio system its performance can easily exceed commercially built products costing many thousands of dollars more.

Fully assembled and tested circuit boards are also available to make the task of assemble easier and less time consuming. Just think of all the enjoyment and satisfaction that building one of our projects can bring. But before you begin please make sure that you have the experience required to build a particular project. Some of our projects are quite complex. Look for our advertisements in magazines aimed at the DIY audiophile community.

Completely assembled "Alaskan Audio" (TM) products are by special order and pictures will be posted when available on our web site when that site becomes fully operational. These assembled units are aimed at audiophile's that cannot or do not have any desire to build their own equipment, but desire to own one of our world class products.

We enjoy building equipment in small quantities of individual that appreciate a fine handcrafted items. We work directly with customers on a personnel basis. Our projects pages are being updated and not all are available.


Alaskan Audio Arts website (January 2002): Company Information:

Our company dates back to 1992 and is presently devoted to providing both assembled products and high-quality projects for the experienced do it yourself (DIY) audiophile. At the present time the company is totally family owned. I have been building audio equipment since I was a teenager and have never been totally satisfied with most factory built equipment. This is likely due to the fact that I'm a electronics technician by trade and it is thus quite easy for me to find design faults in factory built equipment. I suspect that most of these faults are caused by the persons holding the purse strings.

My first real job started I went into the Hi-Fi shop in Ogden ,Utah to purchase some tape heads for a new reel to reel recorder I was building back in 1965. Cliff Peterson the owner appeared to be impressed with my knowledge at the time and offered me a job before I left the store. Cliff was the dealer for Fisher, Marantz, McIntosh and JBL at the time. Thus he put me to work working on these very fine brands. There was very little solid state equipment available at that time. He was also building all the studio equipment for his radio station KBOC FM at the time, and I learned a lot from him while this equipment was built. My carrier at the Hi-Fi shop was cut short by the draft and extended tours with the US Army overseas.

I have always wandered back to the building of audio equipment however since I was probably just born into it. I was a fathers hobby when I was growing up and I just carried on the tradition. I have also worked on government contract that were involved with various NASA projects here. I have also been involved with various aspects of the wireless communications industry. Being a technician designer by heart we started our audio company locally quite a number of years back we are well known in the local area for providing excellent repair services for audio equipment in the past. We terminated our repair services a number of years back since there was getting to be less and less demand and decided to concentrate on designing our own equipment. The Internet came along and allowed us to jump out of the local area and go world wide at a pace we feel comfortable with.

We have quite a number of circuit designs that have been tested and will be introduced on our web site when we are satisfied that nothing has been overlooked and the performance is optimum. We have a full laboratory to very electrical performance and some fairly good equipment to do listening test on prototype and completed equipment. Our designs use both discreet and none discreet circuitry at times depending on what our goals are.

After the electrical performance has been verified we do a listening test in our laboratory using Sennheiser HD600 headphones. This initial listing test will determine if we move on to the next step or go back to the drawing board for minor design changes. After all the laboratory tests are successfully we move on o our listening room which is equipped with a pair of modified pair of Sound Lab A1 full range electrostatics loudspeakers. We use various digital to analog converters at times when using CD's as a signal source. Our primary turntable is a Technics SP10 with a Eminent Technology ET-2 Air Bearing tone arm. Various cartridge are used depending on our requirements. The SP10 is a great turntable even though many feel that direct drive is not the way to go.

Our company uses the name "Alaskan Audio" (TM) on the products we manufacture for the do it your self market and also for the subassemblies, custom built parts and complete products that we offer. This name is just a natural part of our company name and of course our location. All of our assemble equipment is hand built and is marketed directly to the customer or the customers agent. Our commercial advertising is primarily done in magazines aimed at the do it yourself audiophile community. We consider our business to be totally Internet based.

We offer circuit boards for all our projects that are specially manufactured for us by a high quality board house. To support home construction of our projects we also supply high quality circuit diagrams and parts lists at reasonable costs. All of our circuit boards can be supplied pre-assembled and fully tested.

There are occasions that we need special power transformers for some of our products. When such a need occurs we have these specially wound for us. These custom transformers are usually available from us.

We do not subscribe to the current minimalist technique whose goal it appears to be to reduce parts count at the cost of sacrificing potential performance. This is like riding a bicycle with not enough spokes in its wheels. You can never get them perfectly round and thus causes a rough ride. In electronics we deal with active devices that are not perfectly linear all the time. The only know method to make the active devices more linear is with controlled amounts of feed back. When feedback is properly applied a substantial increase in both measured performance and sound quality of sound will be realized.

A Tech-Talk segment has been added to our web site of discussion on design and other subjects. You may find some of the subjects talked about there interesting. Have fun building our projects. They offer fantastic performance. Credit card payments are excepted using Pay-Pal.

Best Regards from Alaska,

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