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Afco Electronics website (October 8, 2006): As a long-time family owned and operated business, AFCO Electronics specializes in personalized, professional service and high quality brand name electronics.

AFCO Electronics was founded in 1937 by Abe Ferer. After World War II, AFCO began trading excess cloth rag material from Oakland, California to post-war Japan. Japan needed the material to make paper to re-build the walls of their destroyed homes. Without a solid monetary foundation, the Japanese traders offered unique electronics made from the newly invented transistor. Transistor radios became AFCO's first consumer electronics product from Japan.

As the years progressed Abe Ferer built a vibrant business in Oakland, raising a family and bringing his son, Erwin, into the business. Erwin Ferer, educated at University of the Pacific as an electrical engineer, embraced a love of the emerging radio and television technologies in the 1950s and 1960's. Inheriting the business, Erwin and his brother-in-law Alfee Gross began to expand AFCO's offerings.

With local and national contacts as a base, AFCO began importing a selection of car radio products, CB radios and car accessories for distribution under the AFCO brand. This resulted in a major expansion of AFCO's business. AFCO counted the largest retailers and resellers in the US among their customers including Wal-Mart, Grand Auto, Kragen Auto, K-Mart and many others.

In 1959, when Japan's National Panasonic brand entered the US market, the principles of Matsushita Electric Corporation sought AFCO to become one of their first distributors. That relationship endures today as AFCO distributes most categories of Panasonic branded products.

AFCO continued to grow into the 1970s and 1980s as Erwin and Alfee added other brands and expanded the import business under the AFCO brand.

In the late 1970s, the third generation of Abe Ferer's family joined AFCO. Sandy Gross, Alfee's son and Erwin's nephew, began working in the AFCO warehouse while attending University of California, Berkeley. After graduating, Sandy joined the company full-time. Today, Sandy is President of AFCO Electronics, while Erwin and Alfee continue to work at AFCO.

Lately, Sandy's children, Lanny and Marlee, have been seen processing orders, answering phones and helping out when school is on break. This is the fourth generation of the AFCO family to work on the team.

Under the management of Sandy Gross, AFCO has expanded to include mail order and internet fulfillment. With a low overhead and hands-on business philosophy, AFCO offers low cost handling and volume purchasing advantages to all customers.

Whether a large volume reseller or a consumer, AFCO uses the same 100% customer satisfaction philosophy with every order.

AFCO Electronics, a true American family tradition.

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