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Nick Grosit(May 6, 2009): Kloss founded Advent Corporation in 1967. The name came from the legal description the advent corporation ("advent" means approaching in Latin) used in the incorporation documents before the actual name is selected. The original goal had been to develop a projection television, but by 1968 he had quit KLH to build a remarkable dual driver speaker system with 10 inch (25 cm) woofer called simply The Advent Loudspeaker (later colloquially called the Large Advent after introduction of The Smaller Advent Loudspeaker). It rivaled the sound of the then top-line AR Model 3a (which used three drivers and a 12 inch (30 cm) woofer), but only cost about half as much. He then went to work on increasing the fidelity of cassette tapes, a format that had originally been meant to be used only for dictation. Kloss introduced the Advent 201 in 1971, incorporating Dolby B along with chromium dioxide tape in the first popular high fidelity cassette deck.

The Advent Video Beam 1000 was finally released in 1972, the first large screen projection television for home use. This led to founding Kloss Video Corporation in 1977. He invented the Novatron tube there, which increased the efficiency of projection TVs.

Eventually, long after Kloss departure, Advent ran into hard times and never emerged from a bankruptcy declared in March 1981. Kloss own Video Corporation passed on reacquiring the New Hampshire based brand, which was later merged into International Jensen.

Bill+Mick (October 26, 2009): Advent was originally started by the late Henry Kloss. This company was eventually bought by Beatrice which became Esmark. In the 1980's the Esmark audio companies were spun off as International Jensen Inc. IJI originally consisted of Jensen, Advent, Phase Linear, and the automotive OEM speaker business, and component businesses. In the 1990's IJI went public. In the mid 1990's IJI was bought by recoton, and the OEM, and component companies were spun off as IJI. The Advent line and its design continued under Recoton ownership, but eventually became solely sourced overseas. When recoton went out of business the brand names were picked up but no personnel went to the new owners. Source:

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