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  • Advance Speaker Korp Incorporated
  • 432 Lafayette Road, Hampton, N.H. (as of 1980)
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  • 1 603-926-6711 (as of 1980)
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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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John Heil (October 29, 2006): Every so often a significant new loudspeaker manufacturer, that furthers the "state-of-the-art," springs to life. ADVANCE has proven to be such acompany. Its founders and staff are amongst the most qualified in the entire industry. Having gained many years of experience with EPI, GENISIS, ADVENT, AR and KLH, the ADVANCE engineers have created a new era in loudspeaker performance. The manufacturing facility is located in Hampton, New Hampshire.The main design objectives that have been achieved at advance are: wider, smoother and better balanced frequency response than any loudspeaker that has perviously been available in their price range. This was accomplished while maintaining medium efficiency. (from original pamphlet)

Marketed Internationally by: Evolution Audio Limited 2289 Fairview Street, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Anthony Mayer (September 14, 2009): I have a pair of Advance D IIs but the 8" drivers are shot. I also have no information on these units. What era are they from? What price range? Are they worth repairing? etc....

Graham (December 21, 2009): Hi Anthony, I have the old Advance Speakers paperwork (I bought the A-II's). Your speakers are from the late 70's to the early 80's. At the time they were about $600 CDN for the pair. They were somewhat revoutionary for their time but should still be a good speaker even today. The question is if the glues in the tweeters has held up but my gut feeling is it is worth replacing the 8" woofers. You could replace the tweeters if you have to as well. The 10" is passive so it just 'transmits' the subtle basses. The 8" was a high compliance, high temp. voice coil. The system was a 45 HZ to 17,000 +/- 4dB with a 2500 HZ crossover frequency. I hope this helps.

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