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Acoustic Solid web site (June 29, 2009): Who is behind Acoustic Solid? The head of Acoustic Solid is an industrial engineer who worked as senior production manager in the field of medical equipment (neurological devices) for several years. Later he was production manager and head of shop in the automobile industry for 15 years, specialized in acoustics, precision equipment and synthetic materials, before he founded his own company Acoustic Solid.

Innovation and precision combined with traditional craftsmanship are the basis for small quantity production of turntables.We constantly study new materials and technologies to improve our products. We stay away from voodoo, gimmicks and new stylish whims.All parts are manufactured and crafted, also polished and sand-blasted by our own craftsmen. Our EDP specialist and developer of the circuits is an experienced electro-technician who had gained wide-ranging experience during his years working with a major loudspeaker and electronics manufacturer in the USA. Our master toolmaker is responsible for the mechanical parts. Accounting, EDP support and office tasks are carried out by our two ladies who qualified in specific EDP and accounting training courses.

Within a very short period of time our turntable Solid Machine has become a recognized device on the market as had before our turntable Solid One.More than 20 international points of sale are the proof of this success. Where else do you get a solid-mass turntable of 30 kg made of massive aluminum, developed manufactured and finished in Germany (“made in Baden-Württemberg”) including so many special features providing high performance and ease of operation; and all that at an unbeatable price - performance ratio.

As example:standard made to hold up to 3 different pick-up arms.The pick-up bases can be attached or removed by simply screwing/unscrewing one socket head screw. The standard Rega - pick-up basis with height adjustment can also be attached/removed with only one socket head screw or knurled screw.Pick-up bases for each type of pick-up arm are available starting at prices of less than 100,-

See also our legendary Solid One turntable with three socket head screws that can be used to exactly stabilize the turntable.

This is even facilitated by using the accessory solid weight precision stabilizer with calibrated bubble-tube integrated, available with 500 g and 600 g load weight and stroboscope disc. Note also our optionally available microprocessor control.Using this appliance makes it very easy to precisely regulate and set the speeds of 33 1/3 or 45 r.p.m. We also have developed a completely new bearing which is without parallel. It consists of an axle covered with a plastic coating to improve lateral stability.This coating layer provides high-level dampening and at the same time prevents effectively stick-slip effects.It also ensures smooth driving-up and excludes follow-on movement caused by mechanical tension.

David Mess (November 25, 2004):

The Solid Machine Small is my personal favorite, a high end performance deck at a really good price (relatievly), and as it's made out of polished aluminium damn good looking to boot. The Solid Vintage it the only deck from the company that resembles a normal turntable with a cover etc, its also the only deck from the company that does no not have the motor seperate from the chassis and is Acoustic Solid's entry into the mid range market. Finally there is the Solid Round a deck made out of antiresonant high tech materials rather than the alumuinium that their other decks feature, high end table that can be fitted with 2 tonearms.

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