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Acoustic Reality web site (January 2004): In the art of geometry, beauty lies in the purity and simplicity of line. In the art of audio, beauty lies in the equipment, which adds no sound of its own.

At Acoustic Reality we combine traditional Danish craftsmanship with innovative visionary designs. For decades, Danish designs have been recognized all over the world as an example of good taste with sleek, simple and artistic designs. Acoustic Reality offers stunning world class audio performance with sumptuous styling and superb user-friendliness. Our products cater to the needs of the most critical audiophiles who absolutely demand pure musicality without compromise. Form follows function in a unique synthesis of aesthetics and practicality.

Acoustic Reality products use only the most sophisticated technologies and the best craftsmanship. We do not believe in compromises or cost cutting! Our finish, build quality and ergonomics contribute to the totality of the Acoustic Reality concept which can only be fully appreciated up close and in person. Peter Thomsen is 39 years old and is the founder of Acoustic Reality. His background in Electronic Engineering, Industrial Design and Art give every Acoustic Reality product a distinctive and luxuriant feel, which arise organically for a truly unique integration of form and function, that set new standards of musicality for every audiophile to enjoy!

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Acoustic Reality web site (November 18, 2009): Acoustic Reality is an audio engineering company founded in 1996 - 13 years ago! Acoustic Reality is selling high-end audio products directly from the factory, where all unnecessary costs to warehouses, wholesalers and retailers have been eliminated. Since 1996 Acoustic Reality has developed many ground-breaking audio products and technologies. Here are a few main events:

Year 1996/1999 Acoustic Reality developed many new products to Bosch, Ericsson, Siemens, Bang & Olufsen and TC Electronic. Before the new millenium the company was changed to the corporation Acoustic Reality ApS.

Year 1999/2000 Acoustic Reality designed the Tetrahedron speakers and received its first design patent. More than 300 loudspeakers were shipped within the first year.

Year 2001/2002 Acoustic Reality developed the first commercial available stand-alone high-end amplifier with ICEpower technology. Now, you find several well respected high-end brands using ICEpower.

Year 2003/2004 Acoustic Reality invented the next-generation loudspeaker technology. The name of the technology is Q-ART. The Q-ART technology is patented. The design of the first speaker in the world with Q-ART technology is patented too.

Year 2004/2005 Acoustic Reality developed the worlds first audiophile preamplifier with 400 Mega-Bit digital IEEE1394 FireWire input and the world's first integrated high-end audio amplifier with 400 Mega-Bit digital IEEE1394 FireWire input.

Year 2005/2006 In the spring of 2005 Acoustic Reality developed its first Media Center Computer with a form factor equal to the very compact amplifiers. Due to it is possible to experience a sound quality from a PC which is better than any CD player, we are convinced that computer Audio and Video is the future. In the end of year 2005 Acoustic Reality began ship its Music Server.

Year 2006/2007 Acoustic Reality's main goal is to develop new products that are using Acoustic Reality's patented Q-ART technology and to design new ground-breaking multimedia products.

Year 2007/2008/2009 The production and the development of digital audio products continues. Today, we have a very good software platform to eAR Music and Media. 3rd generation amplifiers is to be released in the spring of 2009.

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