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General information[contribute]

The Acoustat 3 is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Mk-121 series. It was manufactured from 1980 to 1981. In 1980 its price was $1600.

Jim Hecker (February 3, 2001): I currently own a pair of Acoustat 2s and am very impressed with the amount and quality of information on your site. I would like to post a comment. I have seen several requests for information on your site about what type of amplifiers to use to drive these speakers.

Before I owned the 2s, I owned a pair of Acoustat 3s. I obtained these from a classified ad I saw in the Washington Post newspaper. When I visited the owner at his home in Arlington, Virginia, it was Lew Johnson, the co-founder of Conrad-Johnson. I learned that he had used the Acoustat 3s to design his Premier One amplifier, the prototype of which I saw in the corner of his room.

Since that time, I have used a C-J MV75A-1 to drive both the 3s and 2s, with excellent results. This amp is about the same vintage as the Premier One, and therefore probably shares the design characteristics that Johnson was using at the time he had the Acoustat 3s.

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