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Solid State Amplifiers

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Acom web site (December 2, 2009): Acom OOD, a privately owned company located in Sofia, Bulgaria, has been developing products since 1988.

Acom designs, manufactures and sells worldwide HF equipment, HF antennas and antenna crank-up masts, systems for short range network radio communications and other electronic devices for the commercial, government and amateur markets.

In 2000, the company introduced the automatic Acom 2000A, a new generation of HF amplifier, followed by the Acom 1000, Acom 1006, and the 1010, which now have a proven track record for performance, reliability and craftsmanship and have become the preferred equipment for DXpeditions, DXing and contests.

Acom executes orders for complete designing and manufacturing of electronic devices.

Acom is specialized in machining high precision details from any materials, such as steel, titanium, kovar, copper, brass, aluminum, plastics and others.

Acom is specialized in producing custom sheet metal constructions of any shape and configuration to meet its customers most demanding requirements.

The produced articles can be chemically or polymer coated.

ACOM manufactures most of its main components such as transformers, ceramic band switches, variable and ceramic capacitors, tube sockets, coil forms, RF chokes, T/R vacuum relays etc.

The company accepts orders for any steatite ceramic forms.


James Duble (May 5, 2007): Established in 1988, and based in Bulgaria the company specialises in developing HF power products for commercial, government and amateur markets. In 1999 Acom launched its 2000A high-power automatically-tuned HF linear. First unveiled at the Dayton Hamvention in May of that year, this 1.5kW amplifier has been acclaimed by many top DXers and contesters as the best on the market.

Similar in many respects to the Alpha 87A, it has more features, is significantly cheaper, and yet an equal to Alpha in terms of quality of design and construction.

More recently, ACOM launched its 1000 amplifier, a manually-tuned amplifier for 1 kW output and covering all HF bands plus 6m. I was particularly pleased to obtain the first production sample for review. Although Acom amplifiers have been available for only a couple of years, the fruits of its handiwork have been visible for much longer in the Alpha 91b, which was entirely developed and manufactured by Acom under contract from Alpha. This amplifier was one of Alpha's more popular and successful products.

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