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Not to be confused with Accusound, which sells white van scam equipment.

Accusound web site (December 2, 2009): You can see we've been around a long time and have been selling quality, award winning products and keeping pace with industry changes and demands. We will continue to do so, unlike so many fly-by-night, unknown brands, that have turned up in online auctions and less credible retail stores! All of our products have full Manufacturer's Warranties ~ you should expect no less! We have come a long way over the years, striving to produce the best sound at the best price. We will continue to provide you with the latest technology in the coming years.


Accusound web site (December 2, 2009): Our company's founders started designing and manufacturing loudspeakers in 1984. We made speakers under licence in Australia for many overseas top brands until we launched our own Accusound Loudspeaker range in 1990. At the end of 1991 we received recognition from Hi-Fi and department stores throughout Australia and a large growth in sales.

1995 was the year we launched our Accusound Alpha Series. We had immediate success here and overseas. In 1996 we began a new project using our newly designed components, woofers, tweeters, bi-wired crossovers and a new finish rosewood speaker box. With the aid of new computer software we designed and manufactured the Accusound Alpha Series MK-11. This range launched at the end of 1996 comprising of 6 Loudspeakers with 2 rear satellites and a new style centre speaker doubled our previous years sales.

In 1998 with Home Theatre taking hold on the market we released the last update of these models. They were Alpha Series MK-111, which were sold here in Australia and exported to Hong Kong and China.

In 2000 we released the first models in the Accusound Delta Series. This range consisted of 4 models that could be made up as 5.1 speaker systems plus bookshelf speakers and a powered subwoofer. We exported this series to USA and Indonesia and again sold large quantities in Australia.

2001 with Dolby Digital receivers and DVD players dramatically reducing in price the need for a budget price speaker system was our main priority. We spent months designing components, reducing costs by manufacturing in China to our specifications to launch the Omega OM-900 5 speaker system and achieved sales of over 5000 systems.

2002 was a year of new launches with the SA-800 Sigma Home Theatre System and our new concept, the Eclipse Series ES-50 speaker pack. We manufactured these in black Piano finish with stylish curves to suit modern apartments and homes.

Effective from June 2002 we changed our name from Australian Speaker Manufacturers to Accusound Australia Pty Ltd to better reflect our product name.

In January 2003 we launched the most advanced range of Accusound speakers to date. This new range of Delta Loudspeakers. This range is made up of DL-895, DL-695 floor speakers, DL825, DL-625 bookshelf speakers. DLC-145, DLC-165 centre speakers. DLR-525 surrounds and our new DLDP-545 Bi-Pole effect speakers. Our SW-250 powered subwoofer completed the Delta range.

In May 2003 we launched our new Sigma System, the SA-1000 home theatre subwoofer pack. This system was loaded with features and was our lowest prices system on the market.

June 2003 we released the updated Eclipse ES-55 speaker pack and ES-150 powered subwoofer in Silver Piano finish to match with all the new Silver TVs. This was also available in 6.1, 6.1 and 7.1 speaker packs.

January 2004 was the release of our new low price Omega OM-600 subwoofer pack. This system is 100 watts all round and became the best selling low priced system on the market with over 2000 sold in the first 5 months and around 7500 systems during its 2 years on the market. This system was available in Black, Cherry, Chocolate and Silver finish.

May 2004 we released the Omega OM-800. This was a big system and could be made up in a large floor system or a smaller satellite pack. These speakers and systems were available in Black and Beech finish.

January 2005 we released the Sigma Series SA-1100 and SA-1200. These 2 models were an entry point 5.1 speaker packs in 3 colours. Black, Cherry and Silver. We said Silver speakers would never sell, that proved us wrong as Silver was then the top selling colour in all our entry point ranges for the next 18 months..

January 2005 we also started work on the Eclipse and Omega upgrades and a new project, the Theta Series, that would eventually replace the Delta Series.

May 2005 we released the Eclipse ES-60 which in looks is not much different to the ES-55 but inside a different speaker all together. In appearance we changed the sloping top of the front speakers to a flat top. Designed a new subwoofer, the ES60 Subwoofer with twin 165mm drivers and a new CE approved subwoofer amplifier.

November 2005 was the launch of the replacement models for the Omega OM-600 and OM-800, The new OM-650 was a 6.1 speaker system along with the larger OM-850. Both were in 4 colours to meet every ones taste.

Feb/March 2006 we released the Theta Series, replacement for the Delta Series. This project took us 12 months to design and produce. We launched 2 model fronts, TH100 for classical and TH 200 fronts for rock music. Both play movies. The centre is called THC and the surrounds are THR. Subwoofer A compact size 200 watt sub TH200 and then the replacement for the SW-250, TH300 which is a 300 watt subwoofer.

October 2006 was the release of our new ES 20 Eclipse Satellite System. This is a 6.1 system using 2 x 75mm Aluminium drivers and a dome tweeter. The system has 6 matched speakers and a 200mm or 8" powered subwoofer. The system will be available in 3 colours, Gloss Black, Silver or White and is rated at 100 watts for the satellites and 120 watts for the subwoofer.

January 2007 we released the Sigma SA1400 and SA1600. The SA1400 replaced the SA1200 and we added the SA1600 to the range.

February/March 2007 the Eclipse ES10 and ES30 were released. The ES10 is a smaller version of the ES20 with a single driver and tweeter and the same powered subwoofer. The ES30 is a large slim version of the ES20 with 4 floor standing speakers, a centre and 250 watt powered subwoofer.

October 2007. The long awaited replacement for the Omega OM650 was the OM750. This system comes back to 5.1 with the option to buy extra surround speakers for 6.1 or 7.1. This system is more compact but has a 10 or 250mm powered subwoofer for extra low end punch.

January 2008 A new system, the Pacific PS100 with side firing passive sub drivers in the front speakers. This system has 2 x 5" midranges and a soft dome tweeter. The centres and surrounds are also 5" and the subwoofer is 10" 150 watts.

May 2008. The first real wireless system release. We converted the Eclipse ES30 to ES30 Wireless by adding a 2.4GH transmitter and a power amplifier with a 2.4GH receiver in the back of the surround speakers. Again we have been working on this for about 12 months. The surrounds are 100 watts RMS and each surround speaker plugs directly into the power. The transmitter has surround speaker inputs.

August 2008. The second wireless system. The Sigma SA100 has a different design box but uses the same electronic technology as the Eclipse ES30. The speakers are shorter in height and the transmitter is built into the centre speaker.

January 2009. The Eclipse ES40 was released. This is the 2nd Eclipse Wireless system. This has paper cones in all speakers giving a better midrange and the subwoofer has been modified by changing the port tube to the back of the box. The transmitter is built into the centre so you don't need another box. This system has broken all records in sales from the release and will not be too long before it is our best selling system of all time.

June 2009. The release of the new Eclipse ES25. This is a satellite system with power. The ES25 uses twin 75mm paper cone drivers and has slim fit wall brackets. The powerful 250 watt subwoofer completes this new system.

Wait for the release in September of Delta HD. This floor system will be the flagship of our range and has been designed to go with True HD and DTS Master audio receivers.

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