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General information[contribute]

The Acapella TW-1 is an ionic speaker.

Ulrich Haumann (July 2000): The ACAPELLA TW1 Plasma Tweeter is in production up to now. The price for this Tweeter is DM 5000.- ( appr. $2600.- ) Acapella is a German manufacturer who make very nice looking Horn Speakers. Don´t ask wy this speaker cost so much because if we look inside there is nothing special.

Acapella official website (February 18, 2006): The Acapella ion tweeter ’Ion TW 1 S‘ is a perfected and sophisticated loudspeaker chassis, whose exceptional performance and qualities can only be enjoyed completely if used properly.

It was designed to reproduce the harmonics of the music as detailed as possible. To reach this goal, a design with the smallest possible mass had to be developed. Relative to its function the Acapella ion tweeter has no mass! To carry out this project, a very unusual kind of design had to be created.

High voltage within the unit produces a constant arc. This arc is modulated with the musical signal (flame oscillates with the time of the music). This is the reason why the number of electrons within the arc varies. A larger or smaller amount of electrons requires similar space. Due to this variable need of space the surrounding air molecules have to dodge the more or less quickly. This evasive action or bumping of the air molecules generates over-, resp. underpressure and, therefore, sound. In this way, the Acapella ion tweeter is able to reproduce sound without membrane and without mass.

Regarding transient capabilities and phase stiffness, the obtained sound quality cannot be realised by using conventional tweeters. Comparing the ion tweeter with other tweeter systems, its unobstrusive sound image will attract you. This kind of reproduction is to be attributed to the lack of harmonic and transient distortions

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