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Horn Speakers
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Acapella web site (December 2003): Playing his own musical instruments and going to a concert are music lover's true artistic original experiences. We all know that it is very hard to replace them in an adequate manner.

But just the serious music lover might be unable to accept the programmes of the concert season. If you would like to analyze deeply and continously demanding music, you will have to revert to the much-maligned records or other taped music.

CD and records may help you to discover the structures and details of a composition. They will enable you to go through the music with the help of the score and the arrangement. Moreover, you will become acquainted with the most different interpretations and versions. They are bringing the magic richness of tone of the most famous orchestras to your ears; they can put us in churches that we never had visited before and they can present rare master instruments to you. They are reproducing for us all kinds of music at any time.

This is what pre-recorded music can offer you. We assume that you are using a sophisticated Hi-Fi system and not only an expensive "stereo-system" which, in spite of the fine-sounding name of the manufacturer, turns the original sound into its own caricature. From the international range of audio components, all of us from Audio Forum select the top-quality products in order to enable music lovers to get the best value for money in every price range. Regarding the purchase of a HiFi system, we act in an advisory capacity to our customers and we also determine the acoustic conditions of your living room. We will optimize placement of the devices in your listening room and, should the situation arise, we can manufacture loudspeakers matching the style of your furnishings.

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