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Dynamic Speakers

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Abroadmit web site (June 24, 2009):Abroadmit - a leading Australian manufacturer of high power, high accuracy, sound reinforcement systems. Abroadmit Pty. Ltd. is licensed by Marschall Acoustics Pty. Ltd. to manufacture the complete line of Marschall Acoustics high fidelity loudspeaker systems as well as certain speciality audio electronics.

All Marschall Acoustics brand full range loudspeaker systems achieve extraordinarily accurate, controlled, phase coherent sound from modestly sized enclosures while maintaining an electrical to acoustic power conversion efficiency equal to the largest concert systems. They differ mostly in power handling, size, shape, and finish.

These loudspeaker systems suit applications where pure unadulterated undistorted sound reinforcement is at a premium. Such venues typically include live theatre, art movie theatres, classical concert halls, churches, and top quality home theatre/entertainment installations. The waveform in is the waveform out.

The Technology

Ample magnet structures in Marschall Acoustics loudspeaker systems provide the strength to exercise near total control of the driver's acoustic output. Thus the transducers can start and stop almost instantly, accurately tracking the transient responses necessary to faithfully reproduce percussive sounds.

Full range systems feature full range phase coherent point source drivers which combine a full size high frequency compression driver with a graphite-arimid fibre composite cone low- to mid- frequency section in one compact assembly. The time alignment of the transducer outputs results in phase coherent point source sound allowing for genuine acoustic holography. The loudspeaker designs deliver exceptionally smooth and extended high frequency responses and are noted for their extraordinary efficiency as well as superior resistance to break-up and fatigue, even under the most demanding conditions of full power continuous use.

Typical Specifications

Full range systems are phase coherent with a flat response (+/- 1.8 dB) from 45 Hz (or lower) to 22.5 kHz when connected to their matching crossover/phase equalization network (included). Individual model sensitivity and power handling levels vary, but most are capable of a sound level equivalent to in excess of 121 dB re 20 micro Pascals at 1 watt at 1 meter, continuous, with less than 0.1 % harmonic distortion. Power amplifiers with ratings of around 1 kW per channel are strongly recommended for use with these systems.

Subwoofer systems typically have a tight, uniform, controlled response from 5-45 Hz. Bass response is breathtakingly live, perfect for church organs and classical music. They are capable of sound levels equivalent to in excess of 125 dB re 20 micro Pascals at 1 watt at 1 meter (far field distance about 6 meters) continuously with very low distortion. Dispersion pattern of unit pictured on bottom of previous page is toroidal, which keeps bass energy away from the ceiling and onto the audience. Subwoofer unit size exceeds that typical home doorway sizes, but suits professional stage applications. There is no substitute for size and power when a subwoofer is concerned. We put the "sub" back into subwoofer.

Electronic Extras

In addition to Marschall Acoustics loudspeaker systems, Abroadmit Pty. Ltd. also produces Marschall Acoustics audio signal conditioning equipment. These include all analog, very wide dynamic range, ultra low noise, ultra low distortion, preamplifiers and mixers. Typically these units have true differential inputs and outputs. Signal processing typically includes gain, filtering, signal matrixing, and control. Filtering is usually employed to clean up out of band noise components generated and left over by modern digital effects units and recording. Such filtering can markedly reduce noise, distortion, and wasted power in the power amplifier - loudspeaker chain. True differential outputs have the best noise immunity and ours are capable of driving long lines to power amplifiers (up to 1 km away !), as well as compensating for DC offsets and virtually eliminating common mode noise. Matrixing is typical of multichannel systems employed for theatre use.

Custom Systems

No worries, mate ! Virtually all Abroadmit systems are "cut to fit" with a wide variety of channel, signal processing, finish, and installation options. Call Greg Ball at the electronics division of Abroadmit, on +61-2-47-31-5661, or fax +61-2-47-31-5982, to discuss your specific requirements.

Alternatively, you may reach the electronics division of Abroadmit by sending Greg an email at this link: Abroadmit.

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