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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

Abacus web site (August 20, 2011): ABACUS electronics originates from the german company AUDIO PRO Deutschland GmbH.

Since 1983 ABACUS develops industrial electronics, i.e. measurement and control technology, energy and analog electronics, electro-mechanics und electro-acoustics.

Of special interest is the work in the field of hi-fi audio systems.

ABACUS possesses special circuitries, which have proven itself in the field of audio electronics. Using that knowledge substantial problems in audio engineering are solved everyday. This website is supposed to explain these technologies and their advantages.

From time to time, ABACUS technology can be way different from traditional technologies. However, the way, ABACUS does things, does not remain a secret at all. This website will try to explain as much as possible - at different points and considering the previous knowledge varying between readers.

Karl-Heinz Sonder

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