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Aavik web site (November 21, 2008): High performance Audio / Video Furniture. At Aavik we believe that Audio / Video furniture should not only look good - it should sound good too. It is surprising to many people that we can easily demonstrate the sonic benefits of our furniture. It is easy to hear and see that audio and video components placed on an Aavik rack sound better and video sources look a lot better.

Our research and development has shown that controlling resonance points within Electronic equipment improves sound and picture quality dramatically in audio and home cinema systems. By removing the inherent resonance's and vibration of Electronic equipment the beauty of music and picture is revealed. Using carefully engineered aluminium tubes of varied sizes and optimized diameters we are able to control resonance's very precisely. The results are a much wider dynamic range, a more precise soundstage and a greater sense of involvement in the musical performance.

All Aavik AV-tables and speaker stands are handcrafted with high grade wood veneered extreme density MDF board and brushed aluminium.

TAC (November 30, 2009): The Aavik website is currently offline. All information found points to Aavik no longer being in business.

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