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Aaron web site (June 24, 2009): The High End consumer electronics sales company (High End Unterhaltungselektronik Vertriebs GmbH) was founded in 1986 by the music-loving couple Marita and Thomas Hoehne. The stated company aim was: the production of hi-fi devices to meet the highest demands of serious music-lovers like the Hoehne family themselves and thus the perfect reproduction of music. It was at that early stage, that it was decided to call these devices, which meet such high demands, SOVEREIGN. Yet it would be years before the first SOVEREIGN amplifier came out under the current technical reference AARON products.

The first amplifiers by the High End consumer electronics sales company were introduced to leading specialist traders and hi-fi specialist magazines in late 1986. They were named after the developer Markus Neumann, who, at that time, was working for the Hoehne family.

NEUMANN AUDIOTECHNIK quickly became known amongst hi-fi fans and it stood for sound quality and excellent design. The legendary A300.M mono power amplifiers are still envied collectors items today, nearly 25 years later.

In the late 80s, the Hoehne family employed several developers from both at home and abroad, to implement their SOVEREIGN project. The first results which matched the high demands of the Hoehne family emerged in 1988. Even the prototype of the later stereo high power amplifier named SOVEREIGN THE FIRST impressed expert circles. Many music lovers quickly became interested in these products, even abroad. This huge attention also encouraged company expansion in big steps.

In 1989, the Hoehne family made the decision to transfer production to the Dutch town of Hertogenbosch. Since then, all High End GmbH products are finished in the High End Halls in Hertogenbosch. Based on the collective experience and internal SOVEREIGN technology, a further production line would be created, and the amplifiers which, up until then, were finished under the trademark NEUMANN AUDIOTECHNIK became: AARON

A range which satisfies the high demands of sound quality, but which can be finished less costly than the SOVEREIGN amplifiers. A range which impresses its future owners and convinces them with an unbeatable price-sound ratio. That is how AARON amplifiers were meant to be and that is what they have become

The AARON No.1 integrated amplifier was the first device in this range and it quickly became the number 1 High End amplifier. Highly praised in the expert press and deeply loved by its owners. As far back as 1989, No.1 set standards in the construction of amplifiers and it became one of the longest made High End amplifiers ever. No. 1 was, with several updates, produced for over a decade. An almost unique production span for a hi-fi device, but one which convincingly documents the superiority of AARON amplifiers. It was this integrated amplifier which made the name AARON known internationally amongst music lovers, and which today still gives its owners fun and pleasure listening to music in Europe, in North and South America and in Asia.

Some AARON fans still strongly suspect, even today, that the name "AARON" was taken from the Old Testament, or even that it might be a reference to Elvis Presley middle name. None of these are right. The Trademark AARON now protected by patent rights was chosen because, in Thomas Hoehnes opinion, this range should appear in every alphabetical listing in the same place as it would when classified by sound quality: In first place!

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