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  • Alesa Vaic Vacuum Technology
  • Jílovská 1164, 14200 Praha 4, Czech Republic
  • Official website
  • alesa@vaic-audio.info
  • +420 608 216523
  • +420 608 230652


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TAC(June 30, 2009): The official web site is no longer available.

TAC (November 7, 2005): Run by former Vaic Valve Co. founder Alesa Vaic. Manufactures audio power triodes for high-end hi-fi amplifiers. Types in production: AV300B SL, AV32B SL, AV62B SL, and others. The site address is the official factory homepage of AVVT. The site and factory are owned by ing. Alesa Vaic. Designer of many modern audio tubes.

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