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AVM web site (January 2004):

Our philosophy

Music can always be improved upon. Everybody likes music, even when musical preferences vary strongly. Music means life. There's no such thing as good or bad music. Music is democratic, being played for majorities as well as minorities. Variety is a program. Even should the definitions of music be represented by - sometimes vehemently fought - views, there is usually a commonly held opinion on one point - no music exists that cannot be made to sound more beautiful through excellent reproduction.

We want enjoyment for many

We at AVM have made musical reproduction our business for a long time. We believe that all music - whether classic or punk - derives ist right to exist by bringing enjoyment to people. We believe that all music can profit from high quality reproduction. We also believe that technical expertise should be employed in such a manner to make musical reproduction at ist peak of highest perfection available to as many listeners as possible, and not reserved as a privilege for a small elite.

The technical concept is decisive

Because of this we have for a long time applied our knowledge to an idea: Our technology is to be developed and employed in such a way that optimal utilisation is achieved, thereby creating the conditions for good sounding reproductive equipments. In our opinion, a well conceived, all encompassing technical concept will provide the basis for achieving the best tonal quality and should not be omitted from the start (the technical design stage of the product), thereby losing it. In this way subsequent complex and costly steps are avoided; this way more is achieved from less. Our philosophy leads to the optimal use of the product's planned budget, or in other words you as a customer get the best value for money. This is something we are proud of and that has been confirmed by hundreds of satisfied customers - as well as independent testers.

With great endeavours to reach new shores

In order to produce new concepts for tonal improvement we have introduced at AVM the special line "amp" to round off our range of products at the upper end. With great engagement we are testing new, promising tonal technologies - in real life practise. Although a smaller line the knowledge gained will find later use in our larger AVM series. With amp products, comfort plays a lesser role when compared to tonal purity.

Amp is the product line within AVM that caters solely for the customer who requires absolute tonal perfection and is prepared to pay a bit more for it. amp is produced for those people who are bound to the classical High-End tradition and deliberately do not desire multi-channel surround technology or DVD home cinema. To give these customers perfect enjoyment the amp line has been refined to provide classical High-End virtuousity. This is achieved by extravagant technical design (to the minutest detail), the exclusive and highly selected choice of materials and components - not to forget the manual adjustment of each individual item of equipment.


AVM web site (January 2004): Our milestones

1986 Founding of the AVM Audio Video Messtechnik GmbH in Gaggenau by the associates Gunther Mania and Robert Winiarski - at that time the entire workforce.

1987 Gunther Mania develops soft and hardware for one of the first BECKER car CD players. AVM workforce - 4 persons. Development of active and passive loudspeakers for ELAC and delivery of active amplifier units from the production of AVM in Gaggenau. The strength of the workforce rises to 6.

1989 Development and production of video editing equipments for the firm BAUER-BOSCH. Development of the first hi-fi components bearing the trade mark AVM: a pre-amplifier and fast monobloc power-amplifier.

1990 The new AVM products are celebrated in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) and stereoplay as the "best buy". AVM workforce - 7.
"With regard to reaction the AVM could do everything just as well as a high quality pre-amplifier in the DM 2.000 class. With sudden hard impulses it was even slightly more precise........ and that for only DM 750. So there are still small surprises in the hi-fi scene" - Gerold Lingnau in the FAZ of 10 April 1990.

1991Pre-and power amplifier are reworked and appear on the market as the Evolution series. The Class - A/B Mono M1 is joined by the, for purists developed, Class-A Version M2. In the meantime AVM has grown to 9 employees and its beginning to get rather tight in the Gaggenau works.

1992 The product range is extended with the pre-amplifier V3 and the mono power amplifier M3 and M4 (Class-A). The customers force AVM to introduce signal sources as well as the pre- and power amplifiers. The development of a CD drive, a CD player, a tuner and two digital/analogue (D/A) converter is the reply.

1993 The converter DAC1, DAC2, the drive CD1, the integrated amplifier A1 and the tuner T1 are introduced to the public and are met immediately with excellent test results in the trade press. With ten workforce members the works in Gaggenau is bursting at the seams. The lack of a suitable building plot in the town means that construction of the new AVM works in nearby Malsch commences.

1994 At last the move to a larger building - right in the middle of the Christmas shopping period, but the customers and dealers show understanding. They are rewarded with an extended product range with a converter DAC3 and the S-versions of the V3 and the M3/M4. Yet again excellent test results are unavoidable. Our fame has spread. To replace the sporadic direct sales, dealer networks are introduced into the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Even customers in Hong Kong and Korea are trading the AVM products. AVM fans are also to be found 'down-under'. With 14 colleagues in Malsch, AVM has become one of the community's largest employers. (However it must be admitted that the AVM building was the only one in the new Malsch industrial area occupied at that time).

1995 The old products V1 and M1/M2 need worthy successors. The colleague's heads in the upstairs test laboratory are smoking with exertion: meanwhile down below full production is being maintained.

1996 Jubilee year! AVM celebrates 10 years existence with their dealers, representatives of the press and friends. Naturally the finest live music and lots of party spirit was on tap. As a birthday present the successors for the V1 and the M1/M2 are presented: the Competition series with pre- and power amplifier, integrated amplifier, tuner and CD player.

1997 With 17 colleagues the space in Malsch is getting rather tight. Karlheinz Steinmetz has just gained his diploma as a communications technician, so Gunther Mania takes the opportunity for a creative change and establishes the firm AMP. There he develops new ideas for high-end amplifiers and feels free from the administrative stresses that have fettered him during his time at AVM. Now the developer is in his own element. "Top power amplifier from the ex AVM chief", "attack on the world elite" is what the magazine stereoplay wrote in their test report of the AMP monos, which it to be one of the top three power amplifiers worldwide. In the meantime the team Steinmetz/Winiarski at AVM have not sat around twiddling their thumbs: the laboratory produces the full-symmetrical pre-amplifier.

1998 The interface Gunther Mania /AVM still exists. A lot of interesting things are happening at AVM and the developer Karlheinz Steinmetz is looking for an adequate power amplifier to succeed his V4. It stands to reason that Gunther Mania should return to AVM to incorporate some of his own ideas. The combination V4/M5 appears on the market at the end of the year and the work is promptly rewarded with a super test result.

1999 The second series from AVM comes into being. CD2, T2, V2, M2 and A2 form a family of equipments that fills the press and public with enthusiasm. Its always been AVM tradition to offer their wares at a particularly fair price. Many fans at home and abroad discover great pleasure with the well-sounding equipment. Incidentally the CD2 is one of the first CD players that, by using the upsampling technique, extracts even more tone from the good old CD than had ever before been possible. As a consequence it won the Product of the Year award in Hong Kong. Even the tests in the magazine STEREO and "HiFi and Records" certify its top tonal qualities.

2000 AVM components have always produced excellent sound. Their appearance can only add to their attractiveness. Following many requests, the AVM equipments that have either been on sale in chrome or plain black are now also available in anodised, brushed aluminium and equipped with a brilliant blue display. For some time new techniques and listening habits have been making their presence known. Especially from America and the Far East there have been wishes expressed for multi-channel and multi-room solutions. In Malsch intensive deliberations have been ongoing. For AVM the new technique means a development challenge on the one hand, but also enormous investment - in a slowly developing market of the future.

2001 Running parallel with the development of the new AVM design "AVM inspiration 6", the development work on suitable surround components is ongoing. AVM changes its name to "AVM Next Generation Audio Technologies" and modifies its Logo. The new Web site is created.

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