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  • Avid Corporation
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Dynamic Speakers

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All Brown (July 29, 2004): Avid Corporation of E. Providence RI offered a series of high-quality acoustic suspension bookshelf loudspeakers in the early thru late 1970's. Their initial offerings consisted of the model 100 8" 2-way, the model 102 10' 2-way, and the model 103 10' 3-way.

Later, towards the late'70's, they introduced the 'M' series,a low-diffraction design. The top-of-the-line M-330 was a fair bit bigger than the AR-3a, and featured some very creative thinking. One feature in particular stood out: the dome midrange and tweeter units were surface (not flush) mounted to the speaker's baffle; The grille frame was solid MDF, with cutouts for the mid and tweeter of the exact diameter and depth of the drivers' frames. The result was that when the grille was in place, the mid and tweeter were exactly flush with the front plane of the grille, so there was no diffraction from grille molding or cabinet obstructions at all.

High Fidelity reviewed the M-330 in Mar '79, and found it to be fairly good, but not great. HF's review of the $79.95 ea. Model 100 in Aug 74 was considerably more enthusiastic, and HF opined that the 100 as a truly outstanding speaker in its size/price class. The M-330 used dome MR and HF drivers. It was $400 ea in 1979.

During this time period, Avid also supplied passenger headphones to the airline industry. It is believed that commercial audio was their main business, and that speakers were something they delved into because of the profit/growth potential of the '70's consumer audio market.

Moses Gabbay was an engineer there during the time of the 102-230-330 speakers. He then went to AR around 1977, and of course came to BA in 1980 or 81, where he directed BA's engineering and production departments during their phenomenal 20-year growth period. He eventually became President of BA, serving until illness hastened his retirement in 2005.

The 70's were certainly a fascinating time in the US speaker market. Another Avid-like company was Audioanalyst (located in southern CT), who also offered a series of high-quality acoustic suspension speakers. Their A-200 4-way floorstander was a very good product.

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