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AV International website (October 2001):

An introduction to AVI

AVI have established a reputation for designing and building some of the finest sounding, no-compromise audiophile audio equipment that you can buy, winning many awards and finding favour with serious music enthusiasts and professionals all over the world.

However, whilst sound quality is of paramount importance, serviceability and durability are also major considerations and they have not been neglected. You can rest assured that all AVI products will last a lifetime and that if service is required, it will be infrequently and inexpensive. All AVI products, loudspeakers included, are neat elegant and non intrusive, they have been designed to blend in with a wide variety of decor and be easy to use.

The AVI S2000 System Mixing components from different manufacturers more often than not, causes problems, a properly engineered system that carries the same design philosophy throughout will always perform better and look better than its mix and match counterpart. When you buy an AVI system, you know that each component has been designed to equal or exceed the performance of the best available competition, regardless of price, and because every component is designed with the other components of the system in mind, the result is unrivalled elegance, both in what you hear and what you see. With AVI, there is no weak link in the audio chain unless it's the source material itself.

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