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ART web site (November 18, 2009):Accessories means for us to be able to apply on every kind and quality level of Hi-Fi System the results of a deep research in the field of reproduced sound.External vibrations are the first obstacle to a correct expression of the sound in any Hi-Fi System, and our starting point was to solve this problem using a special material.

After a deep research, the synthetic graphite resulted the best "anti-vibration material" and with an exclusive method we have obtained a special compound called "Q-DAMPER" with exceptional characteristic and a good quality price ratio.

The graphite Q-DAMPER is the ultimate solution to the vibration problem.With this graphite we have realized "accessories" like Q-DAMPER feet, HEAD-Q-DAMPER, CD-Mat Q-DAMPER Regards to the problems connected with software one of the more discussed is the method and the materials to use for cleaning CDs and LPs .The normal products in the market promise exceptional performance and fantastic characteristic, but this is based only on a good cleaning action that unfortunately doesn't last long.And no-one of this magic products is able to offer a similar result to the one you can get with our special oils Q-151 CD COATING OIL and TR-30 SQUALAN OIL, they are not only excellent cleaning products, but a more deep and definitive treatment for CDs and LPs which improves their characteristics and enhances their performances.The total knowledge about graphite was necessary for the realization of our LIMITED EDITION accessories.

Our intention was to obtain the maximum result without regard to cost or compromise.To talk about sound quality, performances it is not enough, because with the A.R.T accessories it is not the matter of a small difference, but deeply to get in a new world totally different and unknown, the world of "your Hi-Fi system that you have never heard".If you just know A.R.T accessories this page have nothing new to tell you...but if you never have listened a system using A.R.T accessories you will be surprised!

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