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The Antenna Performance Story

In the mid-nineties at a CT Audio Society meeting, one member was lamenting the lack of performance and modern design techniques in the existing crop of available rooftop FM antennas. Another member, Ed Hanlon, was intrigued, and began building FM antennas out of old scrap TV antennas for local FM enthusiasts.

Hand building each antenna became impractical after the leader in audiophile publications caught wind of Ed's designs and requested a sample. A glowing review was written as an aside to an FM tuner review, and a legend was born: The Antenna Performance Specialties Sniper. It's size and performance literally dwarfed all other FM antennas.

With the word out and sales requests coming in from around the world, there was a demand for an FM antenna with the performance characteristics of the Sniper, but in a "smaller" package. The APS-13 was designed to fit that bill, and it's 200" boom length was easier to work with. But what if a 200" antenna is still too large......

Some FM listeners didn't need a 200" super high gain antenna; others wanted to install a directional antenna in their attic. The APS-9 was developed with these users in mind. It's 100" boom length made it half the size of the APS-13, and was perfect for attic installations. The '9 boasted patterns bettering antennas 38% longer in boom length, and became an immediate hit with the buying public.

APS is now recognized as the pre-eminent FM/TV antenna manufacturer today. Our antennas are in use in many radio and TV stations across the country. One day APS received a phone call from the very FM station we were listening to in the office (we thought we'd won a contest!). The station, 105.3 "Party 105", needed a powerful antenna to receive the station at it's studios, which were far away from the transmitter. An APS-13 was ordered, and their problem was solved.

WTVJ channel 6 in Miami was in need of a channel 6 antenna that could handle (reject) all the stray RF encountered in southern Florida. They had tried yagis from every supplier imaginable; all were failures in the Miami environment. We designed a multi-driven antenna that looked similar to an APS-9, and it worked perfectly! The chief engineer called to say that at his house, half way between Miami and Orlando, he was able to receive channel 6 from both cities just by turning the antenna! He said it was the only antenna he'd ever tested that could perform this trick.

While others in the industry boast about not having done antenna design work since the early 70's, and are dropping some antenna lines completely, APS is here to fill the vacancy for now and in the future.

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