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General information[contribute]

The AKG K-340 is an electrostatic headphone. It was manufactured from 1978 to unknown. In 1981 its price was $170.

Joerg Baar (February 7, 2001): I figured out, that the Austrian AKG ( akustische Kino-Geraete) built at least one more ESL-headphone besides the K-1000. It is model K-340 and was build in the early 80s. It is a special thing because it was a 2-way System. It had a normal dynamic system for bass-reproduction and an ESL-system for mid and treble-reproduction in each earpad. It did not need a a box for stepup-transformers, there were little transformers integrated in the systems. I could not find any hint about the bias-voltage-circuit, so I presume that the ESL-sytems were electret-style. I also found a picture of the K-340

Eric belmans (June 11, 2001): I bought my AKG K 340's in 1984 and they cost BF 6000 ($150) at the time. Before I bought them I had owned several other headphone (Sansui, Pioneer) but once I had heard the AKG's I couldn't live with them anymore. Much information gets lost with these 'normal' headphones that were supposed to be good. I don't know what the quality of normal headphones is these days but back then the difference was enormous. It was as if the headphones were covered with a blanket.

On a normal amplifier the AKG works perfectly. Only downside of these headphones is that the impedance is quite high so it cannot be used with my discman or my guitar effect pedal. On the Headwize site I found a schematic of a compact pre amplifier that should solve this problem ("A Pocket Headphone Amplifier by Chu Moy").

Joerg Baar (November 9, 2001): I could get my hand on an AKG K-340,--very rare in that condition,- they are almost as new. I made a few pics. The Systems are special, it is a two way system. Electret part for treble and dynamic part for bass,- and 5! passive membranes for bass-reproduction. The electronics for the electrets is all in the system.


Robert Dubicki (January 2003): I own a pair of AKG K340 hybrids which I have upgraded by replacing all wiring. The replacement of wiring made a huge, huge difference. Fantastic headhone now. Lacked extension in its original form. You must consider that back in the '70s OFC cable was rare, and wiring was considered irrelevant.


brian (July 18, 2013): AKG K340 electrostatic Headphone. I am trying to wire a new phono plug on these . Because there is no code fore the wiring. I am stuck as to work this out. please Help!

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