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  • Albert Ebner & Co
  • Bad Cannstatt, Germany
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Dynamic Speakers

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Jerry Hallaway (June 23, 2002): Albert Abner started his firm in 1919 in Bad Cannstatt, Germany. The company initially made a variety of electric and mechanical products but they are notable for the manufacture of the first practical electric motor designed especially for turntables later in 1919. In 1921 they were taken over by Electromophon.

Unfortunately this company failed in 1931 and mister Ebner founded AECO. This company continued the manufacture of high end gramophones and indeed pioneered the use of electric transducers. Hr. Ebner married Hermine Steidinger in 1936, who was the daughter of Perpetuum founder - and one of the main owners - Joseph Steidinger. Shortly thereafter AECO was merged into the Perpetuum company which became Perpetuum-Ebner and Hr. Ebner became it's CEO.

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