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Solid State Amplifiers

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ACE Audio Company web site (December 2, 2009): About ACE

Hong Kong office was established in 1982, the franchise at all levels of professional and broadcast video / audio equipment, is one of Southeast Asia's largest equipment suppliers. In addition to broadcast and professional video / audio equipment, the Division is also agent of many images and multimedia hardware / software, communications, lighting, musical instruments and other products in order to meet the customers different needs

We are more than 300 employees, the number continues to rise. In 1997, ACE's total turnover has been more 6 1000 5 million. We are committed to building a strong engineering team, the main members are from major broadcasting institution or overseas tertiary materials, and different professional engineering team will be responsible with their respective expertise and overall technical issues related to these, systems engineering, project management , site monitoring, software engineering and acoustic engineering .... and so on

As the world's authority over one hundred vendors agents, we provide our customers the best and most flexible system solution.

For the comprehensive care of the user's needs, we are also very wide range of services, including engineering consultants, system design, installation, maintenance, training, technology transfer and so on. Division I with a strong marketing and engineering departments, I committed to providing a complete set of the Division has the ultimate solution to the post of your customers.

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