SLQ-202, Second hand prices?

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Simone2010-03-30 09:33

Hello, I have an old hi fi Technics of 1976; as I wanted to take away from my house, I wanted to ask you if I can try to sell it or if it\\\'s better I throw it in the dustbin; I live in Italy and the hi fi seem to work; I have this configuration:
SL Q 202 Quartz (Plate)
M 205 (Cassette)
SU Z 45
ST Z 11 (Tuner)
May be I could sell the parts separately, but how much could I ask
about the price?
Thank you!


Alejandro Jakobowicz Debats2010-03-30 09:33

The value, depend of state. One \"As new\" piece (no marcks, no scratch, as manual and box over 30% more For: SL-Q 202 ..... I think 60 to 80 euros M205 ............. not more what 30 to 40 euros SU-Z45 ------- 60 to 80 euros ST-Z11 .......... over 30 to 40 euros Remember in ebay you can sell this parts, put images high quality better. The best piece in this set its the SL-Q202. Dont its the best of Technics, but its one very good turntable. The other pieces as good to but dont are top models. All the best for you, Alejandro from Spain

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