W-238 Hifi, Need some help with the cartridge!

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Hugues Pulings2009-05-12 15:32

Found turntable of this model in the attic in working order: the mechanism was partially jammed but managed to make it work again.
Problem is that the whole cartridge is missing and I can\'t find one on the web that would fit, as the connexions are quite peculiar: four pins attached under the tonearm in an horizontal line. Most models have their contact pins in a square and I haven\'t found any relevant adapter.
does anyone have a suggestion?
Thanks in advance!


Jim Furey2009-08-10 21:13

Dear Hugh,
Glad to find someone else aware of the Telefunken Hi-Fi series.I have a Hi Fi-Z10.Myself and most others who have seen it, find it to be one of the most beautiful turntables they have ever seen.To your problem.A good friend and turntable genius, Rich Wilson,instantly realized the cartridge was Bang and Olufsen,without any identification. We searched and it is the SP-1 or 2. more searching and boom, the arm is the B and O ST-A.We agree the deck is a P and E, but Rich thought it was a 4001.Mine works \"good\" but needs some motor touchups and new stylus.If interested, as bad at it as I am, I\'ll take some pictures. I am glad I ran into you
Jim Furey

Hugues Pulings2009-10-03 17:49

Hi Jim,
Thanks a lot for your message. Sorry for the delay.
In the meantime I partially solved the problem by fitting another Shure cartridge (M75) after a lot of adjusting and swearing while soldering those tiny wires!!
But in the end, it worked fine, without any background noise or anything.
The only problem lies now with the automatic anti-skating device which is related to the adjustable weight control, but cannot be adjusted separately, or so says the owner\'s manual.The arm keeps sliding back to start, especially with 7\" singles.
I noticed a tiny screw sunk in the top of the pick-up arm pivot, related to a small spring, and wonder if it can be an adjustment screw, although it seems to have been glue-locked to avoid fiddling around by unexperted hands... Any idea?
The turntable is definitely a P E 2015 and looks exactly alike. (Found an owner\'s manual on \"the Vinyl Engine\" site). The only difference is the name label.
Anyway, many thanks once again for your help,
Hoping to hear from you soon,
Best regards,

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