P-9, Speed issues.

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Dimitris Karatzas2009-03-16 16:33

Hello, Guess am the only one in this Forum, placing a question. Have a P9 turntabel, that is busting my head out to fix. Has a problem with the speed (PLL). I think the PLL is locking on the speed, but unfortuantely the drive is pitching a bit up, the PLL engages to complensate the overspeed (at least thats what i researched and understood.), and it forces it to slow down. This slow down is the pitch down. So hearing is terrible.

I have found the schematics,which are very helpful, a bit inacurate on the voltage readings listed on the drawings though. Have replaced the sm6415A-4S PLL and Motor Driver IC, and other OP amps, with no luck.

I reached a point where I need hints to proceed further.

Anyone ?


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