210, Info for speed adjustment

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Bruce2007-06-30 01:31

I have a model 210 garrard player that is just a bit too slow when playing records. I have oiled the bearings and gave the transfer wheel a light sand on edges to grip better on turntable which has made some difference but it\'s still slightly slower than it should be. Anyone have any ideas?


Bruce2007-06-30 01:31

Hi Bruce, I hope this info. isn\'t too late however I was researching my own turntable when I cam upon your question. Replace the idle wheel. Drop an e-mail to \"turntableexperts@hotmail.com\" they specialize in Garrard and can replace your idle wheel with a new one. I did with my type A and it runs fine. Incidentally, no idle wheel type turntable is going to run \"true\" to speed. They tend to run slightly fast

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