notlisted, Teledyne Environmentalist-3 Speakers

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Dave Lindstrom2017-07-15 12:21

I have a pair of Teledyne Environmentalist-3 speakers I bought in 1974 from Olsen Electronics.
Both tweeter drivers have scortched voice coils. In the early '80s I installed output Jack's on the back attached to the crossovers and added a pair of Radio Shack super tweeters. I did not want to remove the horns from the cabinets. That is how they have stated ever since.
Does anyone know where I can get a pair of coils or the originals repaired.

It seems as though these speakers are somewhat rare. Been all over the net and have found almost about them. There is a download for a 1974 Olson catalog that has them and a few mentions here and there but nothing with any meat about them.

Thank You


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