W-310-C, Service manual needed

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Richard2004-02-29 17:03

Hi, I have recently purchased Teac w-310c stereo double cassette deck and am looking for info for use and repair if possibly wiring diagram. At present PLAY I deck does not play back through the external loud speaker systerm but Play II deck does. I do not want to open it up until I have looked at the diagram.

Can you help or are you talking about more advanced equipment? I looks the business but I want to make sure it all working to optimum performance! My present audio amp and stereo receiver is a Pioneer SX-434. I hold on to it because all the systems are separately fused and it is well laid out and easy to repair. I also have an old Sony reel to reel which is meant for lecture hall use! Richard


Roger2018-01-10 19:44

I need the electric scheme of the teacW310c for repair ... where can I look for it?

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