1710, Pinch roller needed

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Bob Lafontaine2004-02-29 13:15

We are looking for a pinch roller for an Akia 1710 are any availabe or can the original be re-rubbered. Thanks, Bob Lafontaine


Nick2012-09-03 16:20

I am looking for bad Akia 1710, 1710W, or 1710L pinch rollers. Cracked, deteriorated, nicked, etc. Will pay.

Don Russell2012-12-05 20:09

I just pulled my dads 1700w out of storage..my pinch wheel is deteriorated,but the rest is in pretty good shape.. Don Russell

Nick2012-12-05 20:33

Hi Don. If you want to get a new pinch roller I am willing to buy your deteriorated pinch roller. Contact me at nick.dynice@gmail.com.

Tony Planas2017-02-08 15:16

Ihave need of a replacement pinch roller for the akai 1710w. Isthis roller interchangeable with any other rollers?
thanks Tony

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