GX-280, record indicator light fault

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Shunsuke Kazama2004-02-29 12:44

Dear Sirs, I\'ve been in the face of a trouble on AKAI GX280 tape deck. The indicator lamp of the macine doesn\'t ligt while recording on. I\'d appreciate it very much if I could see a circuit around the recording indicator lamp of the model or other resemblance. Many thanks. Shunsuke Kazama University of Shizuoka


Andy Szabo2004-02-29 12:45

Have you opened it up to take a look. If you do you\'ll need a 4\'\' magnifing glass and good lighting. Trace the led and first see if there is 3.5 to 5 vdc and there must be a good ground. Maybe a dirty connector or a driver is gone. First do a continuity test on the light. Rick.

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