GX-4000-DS Mk2, capable of playing at 7.5 ips ?

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Joe De Rosa2004-02-29 12:28

If anyone knows if the GX-4000-DS Mk2 should be capable of playing at 7.5 ips ( it only plays at 3.75) and I cannot determine if it broken, or if not how to change speeds? Help. Regards, Joe


Joe De Rosa2004-02-29 12:29

I learned that there is what looks like a capstand on the deck face above heads. there is a cap on the stand that screws off and on the stand is a sleeve that can be removed and place on the actual capstan that drives the tape. the extra thickness of this sleeve increases the speed of the tape to 7.5ips. removing it slows speed to 3.75.

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