A-1800-I, Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center. One of the last vintage CV repair centers in the CSRA area they have fixed 5 vintage CV amps that I owed and the price was great also with a quick return of just one week thanks Tom.

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Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega Vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center. One Of The Last Vintage Cv Repair Centers In The Csra Area They Have Fixed 5 Vi2016-10-31 15:15

(The Solid State CV power Amps vs the new digital Audio)
Let me just say HECK NO!!
The sound quality of the new digital audio is very poor vs the vintage you can really hear the cheap made sound coming out of almost every one.
Some how we made a big error changing the internal parts from Solid State to digital and now we are paying for it.
To save money and time we sold out quality and workmanship this was a big mistake the US made the best audio years ago and the world new it.
Shipments of the vintage Cerwin Vega audio was sent worldwide and many are still working today over 50 years later.
Can you say that about any other amplifier or speaker made anywhere it's my guess no is the answer.
So why is the vintage CV-audio so great?
That answer is Solid State quality made parts that are bullet poof and last forever it is now 50 years later and the steel made Cerwin Vega vintage power Amps are still here today.
Many of these Amps are very heavy 30 to 60 pounds with a steel case and steel heat sinks they are called monster Amps and the speakers are just the same what has happened to the good old days.


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