SR-804, My SR804

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Marty Jewell2016-04-26 19:05

I purchased my SR804 in 1979 from Tech Hifi in NYC. I paired it with my new(then) Ohm Acoustics model L speakers. There is much talk about the class G amplifier in this receiver, does it really put out 3dbs of headroom. The IHF (Institute of high fidelity) required in 1978 that all amps. be rated for headroom in decibels. Stereo Review praised this new amp. so did Hifi/Stereo Equipment magazine. It gave the SR904 rave reviews. High Fidelity magazine also gave a glowing review of the SR903 saying quote: If discs (records) are your bag, this receiver will really show you something! Please remember this was 1978 and CDs did not exist yet. I sold my Pioneer SX650 to trade up to the SR804. what a difference in the sound. I've also acquired a Marantz 2252b a few years ago and it is a great unit. I think the SR804 has a better FM front end. Honestly the Marantz does win in Pre amp. features, triple tone controls, extra tape loop on front of unit. But I swear the SR804 sounds better. Maybe listening to it for 38 years has jaded my opinion. The rest of my system consists of; ADC Sound Shaper 2 IC EQ., Pioneer RG2 processor, Yamaha and Technics cassette decks(kx260,m224), Pioneer PL518 turntable, Teac X3 open reel deck, EPI 180 speakers, Koss PRO4X 'phones and a Sony CD player. Yes I still have the OHM speakers. Marty


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