PD-1200-R, Digital PD-1200R and analog power amplifier

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Michael Homscheidt2014-11-23 13:48


I have bought second hand the T+A PD-1200R pre amplifier with the digital output board. Unfortunately I did not mention this. But I thought I could use it with my analog power amplifier anyway.

The PD-1200R has 2+2 digital outputs (left and right channel, optical and coaxial). My idea was to connect two small digital analog converters (DAC) to the optical or digital outputs (one for eac channel). But the problem is that I only get the full volume. The outputs on the DACs do not react on the volume knob.

My questions are:

- does my idea work or is it not possible?
- may the PD-1200 have a defect on the volume control circuits?

Any help is appreciated

Kind regards


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