700 Mk2, Mods to my Amps

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Aldo "skip" Vassoler2013-11-17 23:07

Wow, have no idea how I found ya'll. Was just searching around the web about Phase linear amps... SWEET!

I hope this doesn't create a new topic as I was reading about repair & mods to PL Amps.

It's been a while since the post for the mods to the 400 & 700 Series II amps were put on the sight but I thought I would give this a try. I'm VERY interested in those mods & any more that may be available.

I'm in the process of repairing/restoring/modifying 3 of my 400's and 2 of my 700's.
On the suggestion of changing the Power Supply Bridge Rectifier to a 40A/600v device... I'm assuming that's on the 400 that's being talked about.
My question is... Would that be the same for the 700?
Also, is there anyway to get rid of my on & off thumps?

I'm bringing back my full Phase Linear system to it's former glory.
I'll be bi-amping my Legacy-Audio Focus Speakers with those modded 700's! That's gonna rock the neighborhood!
My Phase Linear RTA w/original mic, 1100 Series II EQ & maybe even my 6000 Time Delay. Preamp is my 4000 Series II & was even going to install my 1000 Series II NR but, I'm going to be putting my analog system downstairs with a totally different setup. Yea, that's going to be the A-System... Surround Setup!

Whadaya think???




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