CPS-4, ElectroVoice CPS4 -- need schematic!!

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Jeff2013-04-19 13:51

*MONSTER* power amp -- but sick! (suffering aches & pains in the protection circuitry)

I could have a guess as to what's there and attempt some reverse engineering, but I have a feeling it might be fairly complex. This model actually uses a floating ground reference and two amps in series (bridge mode) for each channel !

Assistance required please! -- a schematic, or suggestions where to obtain one. Thanks!!



Davidleecoles2013-04-19 15:26

Call 706-793-1099 ask for Tom he is a Master vintage power amp repairman he can fix it at a fare price or help you get what you need but I just sent my Cerwin Vega to A3000i totaly dead I got it back in 3 weeks fully like new with a 2 year warranty.

Jeff2013-04-19 16:49

That's a dead end, I'm afraid -- thanks anyway. (Tom suggested I check musicparts.com but they don't feature this model).

Anyone else? It's a schematic I need please.


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