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State Of The Art Power Amplifiers Vintage Cerwin-vega2013-04-05 05:48

Hey! Guys we have more info on the Vega vintage power amp world there is a A-400 now for sale on ebay and 8) A-600 models the A-400 is going for $250 +shipping it looks good but if it was not serviced it will need new filters and solder joint replacements.
On these great monster amps you will find the power you need to play at any occasion or in the home inside these amps can be anyware from 8 to14 output transistors per channel huge heat sinks with a massive power transformer repairs on many of the vintage Vegas are not that expensive and you can do lt your self.
If the power amp has a huming coming out of the speakers it is very possible it is the 2 big beer can looking filter capacitors replace them one by one just as you remove one put the new one back in the same way remember to put the same wires on the same terminals.
If the amp is blowing the fuse check for bad solder joints and output transistors make sure they all
Test (0) any numbers clocking up or down is a bad replace it.
Next check for broken or missing or burnt solder joints on the 2 small output boards resolder them.

Next check the wall that the input boards rest on there will be some small rods sticking out on both channels remove the walls and check the back of them for bad solder joints then resolder as needed.
Many problems that cost big money can be prevented


read the same (0) is good any ckicking of numbers up or down is bad replace it.
If you can not find the same transistor update to a newer one that will match the others if not you will have to change them all with new ones.
Look on the 2 small input boards and check fir burnt or missing solder joints


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