A-3000-I, Answer for Chris on CV A-1800-A-A-3000i

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Davidleecoles2013-03-23 08:27

And an EQ to the A-1800 it will sounds fantastic now on the other Amps noted. Here is the answer to your question first let's start with the Cerwin-Vega vintage power Amp model A-3000 I the only problem with these amplifiers is heat if you noticed there are 4 output transistors per side mounted to heatsinks inside the amp you add the lights from the VCU meters the heat from the internal and external heat sinks combine them together with no cooling you will have some internal failure in time.
The A-3000i got very hot it was overloaded with heat sinks and output transistors the internal lights didn't make things easier it just created more heat heat is the enemy of any solid state amplifier but this can be easily compensated I purchased a 3 speed turbo fan made by Honeywell at Walmarts for $20 later I purchased 1 more for my A-1800 as the volume goes up on the amp so does the speed of the fan this has worked for over 20 years with no internal failer at any volume level.
Many owners of the A-3000i put the amp inside a rack with other amps this also create a lot of heat without sufficient amount of cooling.
This style of Amplifire should have been designed with an internal cooling fan to keep this beast cool but this is easily corrected.
Now the RCA output transistors when replacing them with a newer model of output transistors they all must be changed the same you can not mix them I would suggest you buy 20 if your output transistors need to be replaced
and 28 for the A-3000i they must all match both sides. I believe there is a starter output transistor on the top of both sides of this power amplifier if the strater transistors checked out to be okay then just change the other 26. Be sure to check to make sure the output transistors are bad I've noticed the beer can size filter capacitor are I drying up on these older model amps
and you can get off the internet and upgraded filter capacitor for any vintage Vega power amp.


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