A-2200-I, The best of Cerwin Vega.....

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Davidleecoles2013-03-23 05:36

Well my friends lets talk about power amps the a-2200i is similar to the a-3000i but has less watts per channel.
This amp has 200+ watts per channel and has been know to produce up to 400 watts maximum ouput per channel the best thing about Cerwin Vega vintage amplifiers are that they increase in there output power when the demand increases with no harmonic distortion at all. The a-2200i has VU-meters and front facing control knobs with 10 output transistors per channel huge heat sinks to cool the beast I always place a 3 speed fan on top of the vent to assist in cooling her down.
We looked inside the monster to find huge output filter capacitors the size of two Coca Cola cans this amplifier also contains a massive power transformer it looks like repairs on this unit can be made easily with a lot of room to get around inside.
These massive power amplifiers are all built with cast iron steel and are very heavy and extremely reliable built like an army tank. and made to last forever.
The sound coming from these beautifully made amplifiers is simply fantastic stereo the separation is simply the best I have ever heard and I have been around a long time and I have had many power amps in my life time but nothing like the Cerwin Vega old school units.
I think these amplifiers may have been a little bit under rated they have been in movie theaters worldwide nightclubs had their hands on some as well I remember Coney Island in Brooklyn New York the disco bumper cars they were indoors and they used these magnificent amplifiers.
You would feel the bass hitting your chest the sound was so clear and very sharp sounding and extremely powerful these amps made every audio system sound fantastic.
It is really too bad they sold the company to stanton the USA made Cerwin Vega is now made in china the china made amplifiers do not have the same separation or sound quality as the vintage units most of them are Digital and no longer solid state and are made cheap they do not have the same power or stereo separation as the vintage amps.
Let it be know the real Cerwin Vega vintage amplifiers we're all made in the United States of America coming out of California if you have a Cerwin Vega power amp that states made in china you do not have vintage Cerwin Vega and you will not experience the top art quality sound of the vintage Cerwin Vega power Amplifiers my suggestion would be to check with eBay and other internet buying clubs and they and get your hands on one of these babies you can still find them around the world and here in the US you just have to look hard sometimes a good thing is hard to find.


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