RX-950-V, JVC RX-950V review

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Tinojax2013-03-21 05:41

Kaptain Kirk is right-on! I've owned many other JVC receivers, RX-5V, RX-805V, RX-1024, RX-7030V. The RX-950V is the best for audio. Recently I picked one up locally to replace my 805V as I wanted a PreAmp out for my DCM Time Windows on a SAE amp. Best audio purchase I ever made. Plenty of power and a smooth sweeeeeeeeeeet sound! Don't need the SAE amp as it sounds better without. SAE amp will be on ebay shortly. Love the .007% THD when listening to Pink Floyd. Why don't they make them like this anymore? Will definitely have this one refurbished when needed.


Johndh2015-09-06 19:53

I've had this RX for years! My grandfather gave it to me as he no longer wanted it. The speakers he had paired with it were fairly poor quality and it was only 2 speakers per cabinet. My Dad is letting my use his Sanyo V6-150 speakers for this RX. They sound really good for being made in the late 80's. However, they don't have that bass punch I'd like. Currently using my 950V as an audio source for TV and computer. I've only had a single issue since owning the 950V and that's the power relay. Sometimes it doesn't turn the unit 100% on. Although, it hasn't done this since I've been using it again.

I've been considering gutting the Sanyo cabinets and replacing the speakers with modern ones; however, with only 120 watts RMS, that doesn't leave much room for a good subwoofer. I know the channels can be bridged. If so, would they provide 240 watts RMS to each cabinet then? Also, where is a good place to get component speakers? I think the ones in the cabinet are 3.5", 5", and 12". Thanks!

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