A-3000-I, A-2200 A-1800 A-3000 A-600 A-400 Vintage Cerwin Vega Power amplifiers..........

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Davidleecoles2013-03-10 05:53

In the seventies eighties and nineties the name Cerwin-Vega was known worldwide as the best audio that you could buy it has out lived all of the other vintage amplifiers and will continue to do so with just a little maintenance using a common 3 speed house fan will make your amplifier last longer place the fan on top of the Vegas air vent and set the speed as needed to keep the beast cool I recommend a 3 speed 6 inch turbo fan that can be purchased at any Walmart they are made by Honeywell and they get the jog done. All of the above Cerwin-Vega power amps can still be found in homes and nightclubs worldwide Many live performing artists and disc jockeys will use nothing but the old vintage Cerwin Vega amps and speaker they are durable and long lasting good sounding audio they are extremely reliable when compared to many of the other vintage brands.
Why is Cerwin Vega vintage audio so great well we have to understand why the makers made there audio this way they needed a durable power amplifier and speakers to be placed in movie theaters worldwide for the movie earthquake in sensoron so they came up with gigantic power amplifiers and gigantic speakers to make people in the movies feel like they were in a real
earthquake while in there seats they felt everything that you would feel in a real event.
But how do we make audio for this to happen well let's make monster power amplifiers and join them to monster speakers let's get the best internal parts that we can find on the market with the highest quality possible the internal parts must last long and give tremendous wattage output. Then the Cerwin Vega staff created the best quality amplifiers and speakers in the world all made right here in the United States of America primarily based in California this lead to nightclubs and discos worldwide to use
the audio in homes and for many public events.


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