A-400, CERWIN VEGA A-400 professional power amplifier

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Davidleecoles2013-03-06 11:43

Made in California in the late seventy's its main function was for outdoor use as a PA SYSTEM like the A-600 but it had less WPC this Amp could also be used in night clubs and the disco scene these Amps were heavy big and bulky and had power that was outstanding the performance was excellent the sound fantastic this was on all the vintage models of Cerwin Vega power Amplifiers A-200A-400 A-600 A-1800 A-2200 A-3000I M-200 M-400 THE METRON SERIES OF VEGA WERE MADE FOR HOME USE AND HAD LESS WPC but it did not matter which of these great Amplifiers you purchased if the name was Cerwin Vega you purchase the best Amplifier in the world made in the great USA CV vintage audio the best of the best.


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