A-600, vintage Cerwin Vega A 600 professional Amplifier

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Francisco D2013-03-06 09:44

hello ladies and gentlemen I got CV A600 Amp off ebay this thing is almost 70 pounds solid steel in the rear is a very large fan I would like to know if anyone knows what kind of speakers I should use with this monster I was told this is a professional Amp and is very high powered I cannot find anything about this amp on the Internet a600 Cv if anyone has some information can you please posted I would appreciate it thanks.


Davidleecoles2013-03-06 10:14

I'll tell you what I know about the CV A-600 it was more or less design for outdoor performances and concerts night clubs and for many other large gatherings it is about 600 + watts per channel and is a great unit the cost new was $2.200 and was worth every penny of it and reliability this amp would out perform many of the old vintage amplifiers like Fisher pioneer Sony crown and Marantz I believe some of these amplifiers were used in the movie theaters for movies like the Poseidon Adventure and earthquake in sensoron this unit is powerful enough to hold four 18 inch woofers per channel at 1000 watts per channel max
imum output this amp was manufactured in the early eighties to use with out door rock band concerts that were usually held in front of very large amounts of people.
I think this is one of Cerwin Vegas pilot program professional amplifiers these babies were designed more along the lines of PA systems other then home audio the sound was more a flat sound with good bass the highs were very conservative on this unit this amp was made for PA gatherings and used for out door events the only speakers that may work for you are the CV folding horn series of speakers you can get many off of ebay penvey would be my next gess good luck.

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